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About the Study

CTDOT and CRCOG have initiated a Study to evaluate traffic and development issues along Silver Lane in the Town of East Hartford.

The Study shall will address safety and congestion, transit system, pedestrian / bicycle mobility and assess travel demand growth and its impacts on area roadways including traffic associated with development of underutilized properties within the Study Area. The Study will also address intersecting side street approaches and access and egress to adjacent land uses.

The Study Area includes the corridor along Silver Lane (SR 502) from the intersection of Route 15 easterly to the intersection of Forbes Street, a distance of approximately two miles.

In addition to this transportation corridor study, the Town has received a Brownfields Area-Wide Redevelopment (BAR) grant which will result in a comprehensive plan of the Silver Lane Corridor while identifying and studying the redevelopment potential of targeted brownfield sites.

To visit the Town’s Silver Lane Committee website which tracks both studies, please click here:

If you have questions, please contact Emily Hultquist the Project Manager at or 860 724 4219.

Get Involved!

Public Meetings:

There will be several opportunities for public comment at critical milestones throughout the study.

The study’s next Public Information Meeting will be held at a later date to be determined. For more information, please contact Emily Hultquist, the Project Manager at or 860 724 4219.

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