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A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a plan that sets forth a strategy for improving the region’s economy. CRCOG, in partnership with the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and the MetroHartford Alliance have initiated a project to develop a new CEDS for the region. The CEDS process will involve four primary tasks:

  • Goal-Setting: Build consensus around the need for accelerating inclusive/equitable economic growth; that is raising incomes across the income distribution with particular attention to opportunities for engaging those who have often been left behind.
  • Situational Analysis: Do a clear-eyed assessment of our situation: who, what, where to identify opportunities that we should be pursuing as a metropolitan region (i.e., SWOT with an emphasis on context and opportunities).
  • Strategic Planning: Formulate a limited number of “game changer” strategies that will move the trajectory of inclusive economic growth in the right direction.
  • Capacity-Building: Identify organizational forms and collaborations that we will need to implement and sustain the strategies over time.

The CEDS process is overseen by two committees. We have an advisory committee that is made up of regional leaders in government, non-profits, and businesses. Materials from the meetings are available below.

Once we have some products from the study, they will be posted here.