Agenda 2018-6-14-CCF Minutes 1. Meeting Minutes Approval 2. Update on Captive Insurance Company 3. Secretary Carson’s Visit: Follow-up Items 4.  Program Updates 5. Other Business CRCOG to CTDOT Pyrrhotite; CTDOT Pyrrhotite letter to CRCOG  

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 26, 2018 Crumbling Foundations Captive Insurance Company Selects Superintendent Incorporators choose Michael Maglaras & Company as Superintendent   Incorporators of the Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company (CFSIC), the captive insurance company that will distribute remediation funds to assist homeowners with crumbling concrete foundations, announced today that they have selected a firm [...]

Agenda and Meeting Package 2018-4-25-CCF AD HOC Meeting Minutes Approval of Draft Minutes from December 7, 2017 Captive Insurance Update Update from Housing Advocate Testing Program Update Town Assessment Reduction Numbers Update Other Business Adjournment  

Via e-mail: 1-10-2018 Good morning All, As you know, late last year Congressmen Courtney and John Larson asked the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to evaluate the impact of the new tax law on the November “safe harbor” revenue procedure for claiming crumbling foundations related repairs as a causality loss deduction in the federal tax code. [...]
For Immediate Release October 30, 2017 Current State Budget a Positive Start on Crumbling Foundations: Ad Hoc Working Committee Hartford, Connecticut - The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG)’s Ad-Hoc Working Committee on Crumbling Foundations would like to thank the legislature for including aid to homeowners with crumbling foundations in the recently passed stated budget. [...]

2017-10-5 CCF Agenda 2017-10-5-Draft-Minutes Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes from Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 Legislative Update (if applicable) Discussion Regarding Potential Sub-committee to Review Alternative Practices Testing Program Update Other Business Adjournment

Revised: Crumbling Foundations Needs Addressed February 28, 2017 For Immediate Release Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Revised Press Release Municipal Officials: Crumbling Foundations Needs to be Addressed Today Hartford, Connecticut – The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG)’s Ad-Hoc Working Committee on Crumbling Foundations held a press conference in support of bills to aid homeowners with […]

Agenda Approved Minutes 2012-2-22 Approval of Minutes Current Legislative Proposals summary Discussion and Planning Regarding Legislative Hearing Scheduled for the 28th Communications Consultant Status of Testing Funding