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Contact Information:
Jennifer March-Wackers
Municipal Services Manager
Telephone Extension: 239

Maureen Barton
Program Assistant
Telephone Extension: 237




241 Main Street, 4th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106
Telephone:    860-522-2217
Fax:                 860-724-1274

Municipal Services Committee Chair: Peter Souza, Town Manager, Town of Windsor

“Sharing Resources, Services, and Expertise”

The mission of the Municipal Services Program is to help towns and cities save tax dollars and enhance operating efficiencies.

As part of its 2010 reorganization, CRCOG made Municipal Services a separate functional department.  Municipal Services now encompasses three distinct functions within CRCOG: Municipal Service Sharing (including Solid Waste Activities) , the Capitol Region Purchasing Council and the Connecticut Regional E-Government Initiative.

Municipal Services Committee
The CRCOG Municipal Services Committee consists of First Selectmen and Mayors, Town Managers, and other municipal officials who are responsible for the administration of local governments. Committee representatives are appointed by the Mayors and First Selectmen of CRCOG member municipalities. 

Meetings are held most months on the third Tuesday at noon at the CRCOG offices in Hartford, CT.  Meeting notice/agendas and minutes are available on the Municipal Services Meetings page.

Acting under the auspices of the Policy Board, the Committee provides programming direction to CRCOG staff in support of the Municipal Services mission. As required, the membership appoints subcommittees to assist in its work.


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