In 2006, the Greater Hartford Incident Management Steering Committee expanded its focus to include all emergency response efforts. The Regional Emergency Support Function 1 (Transportation) has assumed and expanded upon the early efforts of the GHIMSC.  This Committee is composed of representatives of local police, local fire services, emergency medical services, towing companies, public and private transportation providers, State agencies (State Police, Transportation, Environmental Protection, and Emergency Management and Homeland Security), regional planning agencies, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Due to an increased emphasis on Traffic Incident Management at the statewide level, RESF-1 has not met officially in recent years. However, on June 19, 2012, CRCOG and CREPC funded a Workshop designed to revitalize the regional effort.

Karen Olson is the RESF-1 chair. Comments or suggestions may be directed to her by email or by calling her at 860-522-2217, x215.