Regional Count Program Overview

jason1Annual Regional Count

CRCOG has conducted annual Bicycle and Pedestrian counts since 2009. Through these counts, CRCOG has been a participant in the National Bike/Ped Documentation Project sponsored by the Institute of Transportation Engineers and Alta Planning and Design. CRCOG has historically participated in the fall count which takes place in mid September.


Active Transportation Audit

In 2014, CRCOG completed and tested its first Active Transportation Audits. These audits – one for intersections and one for trails – are intended to gather information and rate key intersections for bicycling and walking in the region. The audits are easy to complete and designed for communities to use on their own as well as for use in the regional bike ped count program

Count Volunteers

The Regional Bike/Ped Count is reliant on volunteers who sign up to count at specific intersections during the 4 PM to 6 PM window on weekdays and the 11 AM to 1 PM window on weekends. With the introduction of the CRCOG Active Transportation Audit in 2014, CRCOG staff and a limited number of volunteers began completing audits at key intersections – town center, transit stations and trail locations – across the region. It is CRCOG’s intention to ramp upĀ  audit efforts gradually over the next few years.

2016 Bike Ped Count!!

Thank You to our 2016 count volunteers!!

With the help of our volunteers, we were able to count approximately 94% of our desired count locations for 2016! Stay tuned for the 2016 Count Report to be posted in the coming months.

Count Location Map

Questions on the Regional Count and Active Transportation Audits?

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