Request for Qualifications: Materials Testing and Laboratory Analysis

Request for Qualifications: Remediation Services

Request for Qualifications: Structural Engineering

All the above RFQs are related to Crumbling Concrete Foundations. CRCOG is seeking to identify qualified vendors Materials Testing & Laboratory Analysis, Remediation Services, and Structural Engineering for an unknown quantity of homeowners affected by crumbling foundations.

We are seeking one physical copy and one electronic copy (flash drive or disc), to be submitted in sealed envelopes to  CRCOG, 241 Main Street, 4th Floor, Hartford, CT 06106, to the attention of Maureen Goulet, Senior Program Manager. Responses are due no later than 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 19, 2018

  • 2018 LOTCIP Solicitation RFP

    The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) is inviting municipalities to submit proposals for Transportation Improvement Projects for funding under the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) – 2018 Solicitation.
    Submissions must be received by May 22, 2018 at 3:00 pm. Please visit the 2018 LOTCIP Solicitation RFP page for   details.

  • RFQ for MetroHartford Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Licensed Environmental Professional Services

    CRCOG is soliciting responses from qualified and experienced environmental firms to serve on a Brownfields On-Call List to provide oversight of site remediation projects funded by subgrants and loans issued by the MetroHartford Brownfields Program.  It is CRCOG’s intent to select up to three qualified consulting firms for this list. This project is funded by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Revolving Loan Fund Grant, and is subject to the terms and conditions of that program.

    Respondents should have experience in planning for and overseeing the environmental remediation of brownfields sites, and carrying out the relevant tasks outlined in the RFQ.  Knowledge of and experience with the U.S. EPA Revolving Loan Fund Program and its related terms and conditions will be one of several selection criteria. Selected contractors will appear on the Brownfields On-Call List from the time of selection through September 30, 2019, provided the firm/team does not undergo any material changes that could affect its ability to serve the CRCOG and/or its member municipalities.  The contractors selected for the Brownfields On-Call List will be retained by CRCOG on an on-call basis.  Selection and placement on the Brownfields On-Call List does not guarantee the selected firm(s) a fixed amount of work or remittance.

    The full RFQ and additional background information may be accessed through the following links:

    RFQ Documents for MetroHartford Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Licensed Environmental Professional Services

    MetroHartford Brownfields RLF Program Brochure

    U.S. EPA RLF Assistance Agreement Terms and Conditions

  • CRCOG Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Travel Demand Modeling and Data Management

    Request for Qualifications – Travel Demand Modeling and Data Management

    CRCOG is in the process of completing the RFQ evaluation process and securing necessary approvals.  We expect to notify all consultants of the status and begin negotiations with the top-rated firm by the end of January 2018.

    CRCOG is soliciting responses from qualified and experienced firms or teams to assist CRCOG with Travel Demand Modeling and Data Management efforts.  The primary work assignments and responsibilities will involve managing all aspects of CRCOG’s travel demand model, overseeing socioeconomic data and forecasting efforts, and ensuring the freeway and arterial monitoring data is collected and integrated into modelling efforts.  Secondary assignments are anticipated to include complying with various model run requests to meet the needs of corridor studies (specifically assisting in forecasting and alternatives analysis), and assisting with model run requests from CTDOT likely related to CTfastrak, the I-84 Hartford project, and other inter-departmental coordination needs.  Additionally, other data management work tasks are anticipated to be assigned, potentially including work efforts associated with management and/or data analysis related to the Transit Data Repository, Safety Data, and Congestion Management Data.

    RFP Issue Date: October 26, 2017

    Response Date/Time: November 30, 2017 (4:00 p.m.)