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Municipal Services Manager
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Pauline Yoder

Special Projects Manager

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The mission of the Capitol Region Council of Governments’ Service Sharing Initiative is very similar to that of CRCOG as a whole: Helping municipalities work together to achieve more.  The goal is to have every community look for regional solutions to their challenges that lead to reduced costs and enhanced services.

The CRCOG Municipal Services Committee serves as the convener and facilitator for service sharing projects and applications.  Go to the Municipal Services Meetings and Minutes page for more information.

Technical Assistance is also available through CRCOG staff for various projects.  CRCOG also has reference material on service sharing available, some of which are posted below.

Broadband / Nutmeg Network
NEW! OPM Regional Performance Incentive Program Grants - 2013 Applications

CRCOG has submitted the 2013 applications for the Regional Performance Incentive Grants.  The CRCOG Policy Board has approved four projects for application on behalf of the CRCOG membership. 

Most of the applications are centered on leveraging the availability of the CEN/Nutmeg Network public broadband fiber network.  Please note that you SHOULD apply for funds to connect to the CEN/Nutmeg Network as an indpendent municipality. You will need a cost estimate generated by CEN to submit with your grant application You may find that process on our CEN/Nutmeg Network information page..

The projects for 2013 are listed below. All applications were submitted to OPM on December 16, 2013.

Regional Data / Disaster Recovery Center ($527,750)

Staff Contact: Pauline Yoder (; (860) 522-2217, ext 245)

Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory ($300,000)
Staff Contact: Cheryl Assis (; (860) 522-2217, ext 236)

Human Resources On-line Clearinghouse and Templates ($64,500)
Staff Contact: Hedy Ayers (; (860) 522-2217, ext 234)

Regional Nutmeg Network Connections (no longer applicable due to individual applications being preferred by OPM)
Staff Contact: Pauline Yoder (; (860) 522-2217, ext 245)




Please contact Pauline Yoder at or (860) 522-2217 ext. 245 with any quesitons.

OPM Regional Performance Incentive Program Grants - 2012 Grant Awards

Information relevant to the three Regional Performance Incentive Grants that were awarded to CRCOG in 2012 from OPM can be accessed through the links below:

Regional GIS


Back Office Study

OPM Regional Performance Incentive Program Grants - 2011 Applications

Section 5 of Public Act 11-61 provides for changes to the Regional Performance Incentive Program administered by the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) in 2011.  Most importantly, portions of the hotel tax and car rental tax now fund this program, allowing for a dedicated revenue stream.  In addition, studies are now eligible for funding.

On August 17, 2012 the Governor's Office announced awards from the 2011 round of Regional Performance Incentive grants. 

Project Specific Information - 2008 Grant Awards

Information relevant to the 10 Regional Peformance Incentive Grants that were awarded to CRCOG in 2008 from OPM can be accessed through the links below.

Animal Control (COMPLETE)

Digital Health Departments (CLOSED OUT)

IT Application Sharing and Development (COMPLETE)

Enhancement of Regional GIS (COMPLETE)

GIS Flight and Mapping Data (OrthoFlight) (COMPLETE)

Farmington Valley Trail Maintenance (COMPLETE)

Regional Traffic Team/Investigation Unit (COMPLETE)

Regional Law Enforcement Data Sharing

Regional Law Enforcement Training Center (CLOSED OUT)

* Updated Scope of Services

Regional Emergency Operations Center (COMPLETE)

Please contact Jennifer March-Wackers ( if you have any questions.

OPM Regional Performance Incentive Program Grants - 2007 Applications

During the regular session the General Assembly passed Public Act 07-239, providing $8.6 million in incentive grants to regional planning organizations for projects that involve shared services. This program offers an excellent opportunity for CRCOG member communities to obtain grant funding for a wide variety of projects. Governor Rell announced on Tuesday, February 19th that CRCOG had been awarded nearly $5.2 million to carry out 10 projects. Following is the Governor's press release, a summary of the Capitol Region projects, and a summary of the municipalities that have chosen to participate in these initiatives.

Service Sharing Documents and References

Principles of Service Sharing

  • Any willing community should be able to participate
  • Political will must be present
  • Sharing should be practical and show perceivable benefit
  • Project should be scaleable (either duplicated or expanded)
  • Document, document, document

Applications of Service Sharing

  • Joint services agreement - 2 or more governments cooperate
  • Delegation – one government designates another to conduct an activity but continues to provide oversight
  • Transfer of function – one government transfers responsibility for an entire activity to another
  • Consolidation – government transfers an activity to a new, separate entity

Connecticut Statutes that Enable Service Sharing

  • 7-148cc (Joint Performance of Municipal Functions)
  • 7-339a (Interlocal Agreements)
  • 7-277a (Police Mutual Aid)

Templates and Documents

Examples of Service Sharing

In Connecticut

Outside Connecticut

CRCOG's Public Works Resource Sharing

Service Sharing Events

Service Sharing in Connecticut:  On January 10, 2007, the Capitol Region Council of Governments and the Capitol Region Council of Governments Foundation, Inc. hosted the first in a series of seminars on Service Sharing. The symposium was held on the UConn Greater Hartford Campus in West Hartford. 

The goal of the symposium was to enhance understanding and to encourage cooperation and collaboration between municipalities in response to the “permanent fiscal crisis” environment of local government.  A keynote address by David Osborne, author of “The Price of Government” and a service-sharing case study from Maine were featured.


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