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The Active Transportation Initiative: Creating a Walkable Bikeable Hartford Region
The Active Transportation Initiative seeks to move the  Region’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans from ideas on paper to actual implementation.  Imagine the Hartford Region as a place where you can walk or bike for regular transportation.  Imagine the possibilities:

  • Decreased congestion
  • Cleaner air
  • Strong communities
  • Healthy residents

Join the Coalition:  Do you believe that we need a Walkable/Bikeable Hartford region?  Show your support! Both individuals and organizations can express their support. More information.

What is Active Transportation? In the 2005 federal Surface Transportation Authorization Bill (SAFETEA-LU) $25 million was allocated to each of 4 pilot communities in order to demonstrate the impact of significant investment in bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure.  The non-motorized pilot program is designed to answer the question:


If government builds effective biking and walking systems, will individuals choose to walk and bike for regular transportation needs? That is, can we show that with proper planning and design, bicycling and walking or active transportation can be integral elements of a region’s transportation system? Early signs, and experience in other communities lead to the expectation that the pilot program will be successful and will demonstrate that investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure do lead to more walking and bicycling.  It is then very likely that the next authorization bill will include more funding for these investments.  See the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Thoughts on Active Transportation.



How Does Our Region Plan to Get Involved? The Capitol Region could be well positioned to take advantage of future active transportation funding, by identifying the specific investments that are needed to improve bicycle and pedestrian friendliness.  CRCOG’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning committee formed a subcommittee, the Active Transportation Initiative Working Group(ATIWG), to take this step.  The ATIWG began with bicycle and pedestrian plans that have been developed for the region and some of the towns in the region.  Using these as a basis, a new Planwas developed and adopted in 2008, which identifies the key actions needed to create a bike and pedestrian friendly region, a place where people can choose active transport.

Next Steps
Congressman Earl Blumenauer (of Oregon) has introduced the Active Community Transportation Act of 2010 (H.R. 4722) which will create a competitive active transportation fund, to invest in walking and bicycling improvements in targeted communities around the country.

CRCOG is well positioned to apply for this funding if the Act passes.  For more information on this legislation, go to the Rails to Trails discussion of the legislation.

Currently, CRCOG is working to implement as much of the 2008 Regional Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan as possible.  Please explore the rest of the bicycle and pedestrian pages to review our efforts.



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