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CRCOG occasionally conducts specialized studies for transportation corridors and other subregions.  Traffic conditions and land use are analyzed, and a strategic plan is developed to address any problems identified.  Such studies have been conducted in the past for the Bradley Airport Area, Rentschler Field, and Routes 4, 10, 44, 190, 175 and 5/15.  Several new corridor studies are now underway.  Details about these studies can be found through the following links:

Comprehensive Transit Analysis
Hartford I-84 Viaduct Study

Route 3 Corridor Study
Route 6 Corridor Study

Route 10 Corridor Study
Route 195 Corridor Study
Route 305 Corridor Study
Northwest Transit Study
New Britain/Hartford Busway TOD Implementation Project

West Hartford Road Diet & Safety Study

Buckland Study - ConnDOT

Information about completed roadway studies

Information about additional transit studies

Corridor studies are conducted with the input of town-appointed Local Advisory Groups (LACs) and the general public.  If you are interested in receiving more information about on-going studies, please contact the project manager listed on the appropriate page, accessed through the links above.

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