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Ongoing Studies

CRCOG has been awarded a HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant which is funding two transit related studies:

Recently Completed Studies

The Downtown Hartford Transit Circulation and Through Routing Study recommends a new downtown bus circulation concept that supports the City of Hartford's Intermodal Triangle Project and coordinates with CTfastrak.  The concept facilitates east-west bus flow to enhance downtown access, strenthens Union Station as a transportation hub, and removes certain bus routes from Bushnell Park and Main Street to enhance the pedestrian environment.

Regional Transit Strategy

In 2001, CRCOG completed the development of a Regional Transit Strategy to help guide the improvement and expansion of the Region’s transit service.  This Strategy has formed the foundation for further transit planning as discussed below.

An Executive Summary of the Regional Transit Strategy is available here, or by calling CRCOG at 860-522-2217, x210.   The complete report is not available online, but is available for review at the main library in each of the CRCOG towns.

State Matching Grant Program for Demand Responsive Transportation

In anticipation that funds will become available during SFY 2017 Legislative session, the CT Department of Transportation (CDOT) will begin soliciting applications for the State Matching Grant Program for Demand Responsive Transportation (Municipal Grant Program). The Capital Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) is notifying all member cities and towns that the application phase of the process has begun. Materials can be found below:

Other Transit Studies
Information about transit studies either underway or completed, including the new Northwest Transit Corridor Study & the New Britain/Hartford Busway TOD Study, can be found through the links listed in the lefthand column, or listed below.

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