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Training and exercises play crucial roles in preparedness by providing opportunities for emergency responders and homeland security officials to develop, practice and assess their collective capabilities. The Region 3 Training and Exercise Planning Workgroup (TEPW) provides oversight of our regional training and exercise programs and processes to sustain consistent programs state-wide. Our programs incorporate the principles contained in the federal government’s Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).
The mission of the TEPW is to manage the Region 3 exercise program, provide training and exercise guidance and maintain the Region 3 Training and Exercise Schedule. The TEPW supports Region-wide exercises and is not chartered or resourced to oversee or control jurisdiction’s local exercise programs. Support for local exercises may be available from the CRCOG Training Coordinator or the DEMHS Region 3 Trainer or Exercise Coordinator.

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To assist CREPC member communities and maintain HSEEP standards, the Capitol Region Council of Governments will maintain a database of regional exercise after action reports on its website. This will assist the region in building a better regional response capability and support member communities in their NIMS compliance efforts. Individuals planning, conducting and documenting local and regional exercises must adhere to HSEEP guidance if seeking reimbursement via Homeland Security or Department of Public Health grant funding.

HSEEP Documents:

Regional Exercise After Action Reports/Improvement Plans (AAR/IPs)

All Regional exercises are completed in accordance with the concepts and format outlined in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). As such AAR/IPs are labeled “For Official Use Only”. This label is defined as “Information that has not been given a security classification pursuant to the criteria of an Executive Order, but that may be withheld from the public because disclosure would cause a foreseeable harm to an interest protected by one or more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemptions”. AAR/IPs posted on the CRCOG web site have been reviewed and no foreseeable harm is expected as a result of this posting. Approval authorities for each of the AAR/IPs on the web site have authorized them to be posted in the interest of information sharing with regional stakeholders. Individuals accessing these documents via the CRCOG website are expected to follow the Handling Instructions within each document and to not subsequently post the documents on any other sites.

DEMHS Region 3 Specialized Training

Region 3 Training and Exercise Planning Workgroup Meeting Information

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