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Griffin Corridor Busway

The Griffin or Northwest corridor is an active freight rail corridor that runs in a northwesterly direction from Union Station in downtown Hartford to the northern part of Bloomfield in the vicinity of the junction of Route 187 and Route 189.  The corridor has been the subject of numerous transit studies, including a Major Investment Study, completed in 1995, which recommended light rail for the corridor.  Once it became apparent, however, that financing would not be available, the region removed light rail as the locally preferred option for the corridor. 

More recently, in a study completed in 2004, the feasibility of bus rapid transit was examined.  The study found that construction of a full busway from Union Station to the end of the rail corridor, with continuing service to Bradley International Airport and other suburban generators, was the alternative that would best meet long term goals for improving mobility, preserving roadway capacity and supporting both economic and smart growth development in the area.  In terms of cost effectiveness, however, the busway option failed to rank highly in national comparisons, falling into the “low” cost effectiveness range.  Therefore, the recommendation out of the feasibility study is that the design of a Griffin Busway be deferred, but that the corridor be preserved as a transit corridor, and no actions be taken which would diminish the ability to implement a busway in the corridor.

A follow up study in this corridor was completed in 2010.  The Northwest Corridor Study examined how best to build transit ridership in the corridor, insure the viability of Union Station as the busway terminus, and insure that busway buses can be efficiently added to downtown transit traffic. Information on the recommendations from this study can be found on the Northwest Corridor Study webpage.


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