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TRANSIT PLANNING - Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan

Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan

The most recent federal transportation authorization, SAFETEA-LU, requires that any region which will make use of certain Federal Transit Administration (FTA) human service transportation funding prepare a locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan LOCHSTP).  FTA human services transportation funding is specifically targeted for the transportation of the elderly, low income, or disabled and includes these FTA programs:  Section 5310 Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities Program; Section 5316 Job Access and Reverse Commute Program; and Section 5317 New Freedom Program.  SAFETEA-LU requires that the LOCHSTP includes representatives of public, private and nonprofit transportation and human services providers and participation by the users.  These planning requirements became effective in Federal Fiscal Year 2007.

The state of Connecticut chose to divide the state into 5 planning areas for this planning effort, our north central region includes the areas covered by the Central CT Regional Planning Agency and the Midstate Regional Planning Agency along with CRCOG.  CRCOG has taken the lead in this effort, working with our parner regional planning organizations.

An extensive outreach program and planning process was conducted in 2006 and 2007, culminating in the CRCOG Policy Board adopting the Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan in June of 2007.  CRCOG's plan is part of a statewide plan and is identified as Appendix B.  The plan documents an entirely new approach to transit planning that requires an examination of the transportation needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those with low income.  CRCOG took an aggressive approach to this new program and sought out stakeholders, and many nontraditional partners, who could help assess existing services, needs, and resulting gaps.  This exercise identified critical needs and opportunities for new ways to look at our transit service in the region. 


2009 LOCHSTP Update

An update to the LOCHSTP was undertaken in 2008 and 2009.  The revised plan is available here:



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