The purpose of the Eastern Gateways Study is to develop an implementation and strategy plan to address current and long-range intermodal travel and community quality of life issues along the sections of Route 195 and Route 44 corridors that lead to and from the UCONN Storrs campus. This study presents an opportunity to build on the existing assets along the corridor while enhancing opportunities for economic vitality.

The study process is expected to last 18 months and will include a variety of opportunities for public and stakeholder involvement. The input from the community will inform and guide the project, which will result in the following efforts:

  • Establish a vision for the corridors
  • Evaluate current transportation and land use conditions and investigate opportunities to make improvements
  • Explore opportunities for continued economic growth using Smart Growth planning principles
  • Develop recommendations and implementation plan for transportation and land use aimed to achieve the vision for the corridors

The emphasis of the study will be on enhancing safety, capacity, accessibility, and multimodal options while encouraging smart growth planning, livable communities, economic sustainability, and complete streets.

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