Michael Cipriano is a GIS Specialist / Planner who works closely with both the Transportation and Planning Departments.  For the past 3 years, Michael has used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide mapping services for CRCOG and its member towns.  Some of his responsibilities include updating parcel data for the CRCOG Regional GIS Website.  He assists towns with Land Use, Open Space, and Zoning mapping.  In addition, he provides supporting map documents that are used in various funding opportunities for CRCOG’s towns.  Michael is also involved in the annual Bike/Ped Count held throughout the CRCOG region. Before coming to CRCOG, he worked at WINCOG where he had previously collaborated with many of CRCOG’s eastern municipalities.

Originally from South Windsor, Michael currently resides in Vernon with his Siberian Husky, Maya.  Michael is an avid sports fan. In typical Connecticut fashion, his allegiances are torn between New York and Boston, as he is a fan of the Giants and Red Sox respectively.  Naturally, after attending the University of Connecticut, he is a lifelong Husky fan.  In addition to sports, movies, cooking, traveling and hiking.  Michael’s parents and two sisters live in North Carolina.