Pauline Yoder is the Director of Municipal Services Director and Chief Operating Officer at CRCOG. The Municipal Services Department at CRCOG is responsible for the 111 member Capitol Region Purchasing Council, the CRCOG IT Services Cooperative and Municipal Service and Sharing programs. In addition to directing the Municipal Services Department, Pauline has been active in helping towns with the crumbling foundations issue and other internal and external project at CRCOG.

Prior to CRCOG, Pauline Yoder worked at the Hartford Insurance Group in Finance with various responsibilities including vendor management, outsourcing, and strategic analysis.

Pauline has a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Yale University School of Management.

Pauline is a die-hard Patriots fan, but originally hails from Packer country. Pauline and her husband, Sherwin, and three children, John, Jennifer, and Rebecca love to travel and ski.