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Commodity codes allow your business to be automatically emailed when a bid matching those codes is posted.

Check the standard commodity code list to add the right codes for our annual solicitations.

Annual / Biennial Bid Solicitation Schedule

CRCOG administers annual and biennial bids on behalf of the CRPC. Below are the approximate times of year when our recurring solicitations are publicly posted.

Categories marked with an * are posted every two years.


Snowplow Blades

Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealing

Ladder Testing


Protective Clothing and Accessories



Traffic Guidelines

Stormwater Monitoring*

Catch Basin Cleaning & Disposal*

Portable Toilets*




Grass Seed

Fuel Oil

Recycling Bins


Police Ammunition & Fingerprinting Supplies*

Swimming Pool & Water Treatment Chemicals

Bituminous Class 1, Class 2, & Curb Mix

March, April, May



Treated Road Salt

Vendor Commodity Codes

Add commodity codes to your Bonfire vendor profile in order to be automatically emailed when a matching solicitation is posted.

Use the below table of standard commodity codes we use for our annual and biennial solicitations. Adding these codes to your profile will ensure you are notified of these bids when they become available.

CRPC Annual SolicitationsAdd Commodity Code(s)
Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealing30121601
Bituminous Class 1, Class 2, and Curb Mix22101611
Catch Basin Cleaning & Disposal Services70171802
Fuel Oil83010602
Grass Seed10151704
Influenza/Pneumonia Vaccines51201608 & 51201615
Ladder Testing Services81141504 & 46191600
Police Ammunition & Fingerprinting Supplies46101600 & 46151700
CRPC Annual SolicitationsAdd Commodity Code(s)
Portable Toilets80131506
Protective Accessories & Clothing46191600 & 4681508
Recycling Bins47121700
Snowplow Blades22101710
Stormwater Monitoring Services70171601
Swimming Pool & Water Treatment Chemicals49241712
Traffic Guidelines72151306 & 30122003
Treated Road Salt47131823

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Grass Seed and Fertilizer

#682 Grass Seed and Fertilizer

Portable Toilets

#667 Rental and Servicing of Portable Toilets

Police Ammunition and Fingerprinting supplies

#671 Police Ammunition and Fingerprinting Supplies