The Capitol Region Purchasing Council offers two energy consortia which CRCOG and CRPC members may use to get favorable pricing by aggregating their energy needs.

The CRPC began offering Electricity in 2009, and has saved participants nearly $1.7 million since the program’s start.

Visit the Electricity page for more information.

The CRPC  extended the existing contract with Constellation for a 2 year term, which will end on 12/31/20. We will begin recruitment for the next contract in the spring of 2020.

Natural Gas (currently on hiatus)
The CRPC began offering Natural Gas in 1998. Consortium participants have saved over $9.3 million since the program began.

Visit the Natural Gas page for more information.

Looking to control your own energy costs? Please contact Pauline Yoder to and learn more about joining the Consortium.