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 What is ezIQC®?

ezIQC® is a competitively-bid system for procuring an indefinite quantity of on-call construction and construction-related services, typically covering repair, maintenance, and smaller-scale construction/renovation work. A single competitive solicitation is issued for thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of construction task items up front—from general construction to specialty areas like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, flooring, roofing, painting, HVAC, and more. Thanks to this innovative procurement tool, CRPC members no longer have to go out to bid separately for all of their small and medium-sized projects. Instead, they have easy access to:

  • On-call, competitively bid construction contracts
  • Separate prices for non-prevailing and prevailing wage rate projects
  • Experienced and insured contractors
  • Construction bonds (if required)

Any CRPC Member can request a non-binding Price Proposal from their regional contractor for a specific construction project. See the map below to locate your region and contractor. Want more information? Download CRCOG’s Summary Sheet (update coming soon) for details on how the ezIQC® process can work for your community.

Getting Started

Want to get started NOW? If you need a classroom renovated, a new roof, landscaping, new exterior lighting, ADA bathroom upgrades, or some other type of construction completed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure CRCOG has your signed Side Letter Agreement on file.
  2. Go to www.ezIQC.com/CRCOG.
  3. Enter your name, contact information and project description.
  4. Submit your entry and an ezIQC® representative will contact you and will walk you through the process.

Regional Contracts

In 2009, the Capitol Region Council of Governments signed a contract with The Gordian Group, Inc. to design, implement and maintain a Job Order Contracting Program on behalf of the CRPC membership. Since that time, CRCOG has conducted several competitive bidding processes to bring regional contractors on-line across the State under the ezIQC® program. Copies of our most recent bidding documents and resulting contracts are posted below. In order to use the Program, CRPC members must fill out an ezIQC® Side Letter Agreement which provides access to our contracts. Please download the document, fill it in and send it to Brian Luther at CRCOG (bluther@crcog.org). See Getting Started for next steps.

ezIQC® Side Letter Agreement 

There are now two ezIQC® programs available: General Construction, and our new program for Road and Bridge Maintenance


Northeast – NAEK Construction, Vernon, CT
Northwest – BMP Construction, Brookfield, CT
Southwest – Millennium Builders, Rocky Hill, CT
Southeast – Millennium Builders, Rocky Hill, CT


Region 1 – Martin Laviero, Bristol, CT
Region 2 – Hemlock Construction, Torrington, CT
Region 3 – Hemlock Construction, Torrington, CT
Region 4 – BMP Construction, Brookfield, CT


Who is Using ezIQC?

Over $50 million worth of purchase orders have been issued through CRCOG’s ezIQC® program since the program’s start in 2009. In fact, forty-one CRPC members have counted on ezIQC® to tackle projects covering everything from roofing work to bathroom renovations, trim painting, carpet installations, door replacements, sidewalk improvements and more. These projects have graced town halls, police and fire stations, schools, libraries, parks, senior and community centers, dog pounds, nature centers and town garages. For a complete listing of CRPC projects, click on the link to access a copy of our latest Member Summary.

Take a look at what our members are saying about ezIQC®!


“I think the process has been very helpful and easy to use… It has made my ability to do smaller projects much easier.”
~ Clifford Gurnham, Director of Operations, Guilford BOE

“The [Yeomans Hall window] project convinced Columbia that the ezIQC® process is worthwhile to the town. The Gordian Group was terrific.”
~ Jonathan Luiz, Town Administrator, Columbia

“Thank you… for organizing the first of the ezIQC® roundtables… Even I, who use the process frequently, learned so much about the different types of projects that could be covered under the ezIQC® process!”
~ Lynn Sadosky, Director of Public Works, North Haven

“Rocky Hill has found this CRCOG program to be very beneficial.”
~ Richard Cooke, Director of Facilities, Rocky Hill

“The program has worked well for the Town of Portland in a number of small building improvement applications.”
~ Rick Kelsey, Director of Public Works, Portland

“The project in North Haven is a symbolic representation of how good government should always work.  We have a project that came in under budget, under the original timeframe, improved the aesthetic aspect of the Public Works site, allowed us to seamlessly move from a lease that expired at a previous site and created outstanding synergies for our Public Works by having this site at our existing facility.”

~ Michael J. Freda, First Selectman, North Haven

ezIQC® Documents and References

Webinars Available for Download

Procurement Secrets of High-Performing Local Governments – This webinar, featuring CRCOG Special Projects Manager Hedy Ayers, discusses: common challenges to those in local government and the solutions and strategies being used to combat them;, current local government trends and opportunities; how cooperative purchasing networks can benefit  local governments; and how the ezIQC program helps municipalities operate more efficiently and save tax dollars.  Click here to access the presentation.

How to Simplify Local Government Construction Procurement in Connecticut – This webinar, co-sponsored by CRCOG and The Gordian Group, provides a detailed description of CRCOG’s ezIQC program and how communities like Bristol and North Haven have used this innovative procurement tool to complete a broad range of projects.  Click here to access the presentation.

Accelerating School Security—American School and University Magazine and The Gordian Group held a webinar on March 4 highlighting how alternative construction procurement solutions can offer education facilities an accelerated process to update their school security.  Click here to access the presentation.

Improving Infrastructure Conditions through Innovative Solutions: Public Works and Procurement – Collaborating for Success—Governing Magazine, in partnership with The Gordian Group, hosted a webinar on March 13 on the topic of energy efficiency upgrades.  The event featured two of the nation’s experts who have collectively saved trillions of BTUs and hundreds of millions in energy dollars for their agencies—and they accomplished this through JOC/IQC programs.  Click here to view the recorded presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Pauline Yoder.