860-724-4283 Email Prior to joining CRCOG as the Senior Program Manager in Municipal Services, Jessica Muirhead was an award-winning administrator in higher education for ten years at Brown University and the University of Connecticut. She has previously served in leadership roles for diversity and equity initiatives and as an executive board member at the Women’s [...]
860-724-4285 Email Pauline Yoder is the Director of Municipal Services Director and Special Projects at CRCOG. The Municipal Services Department at CRCOG is responsible for the 111 member Capitol Region Purchasing Council, the CRCOG IT Services Cooperative and Municipal Service and Sharing programs. In addition to directing the Municipal Services Department, Pauline has been active [...]

860-724-4292 Email Kimberly Bona began working as the Executive Assistant for CRCOG in October 2017.  She is responsible for preparation of Policy Board, Executive Committee, Finance and Personnel Sub-Committee and Regional Planning Committee Meetings.  She provides administrative support to CRCOG’s Executive Director as needed. Kim also oversees the CRCOG Crumbling Foundation Reimbursement Program and manages […]