860-724-4215 E-Mail     Roger Krahn joined CRCOG in May 2019 as Principal Transportation Engineer/Planner.  His areas of responsibility include corridor studies, transportation safety, CTDOT LOTCIP program support, traffic incident management program support, and engineering technical support to member towns.  Roger holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of […]

Phone Number: 860-724-4267 E-Mail   Frank Adarkwa works as a Transportation Planner with the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG). He joined CRCOG in 2019 and his responsibilities includes transit planning, congestion management, freight planning, scenario planning and Title IV related issues. Prior to joining CRCOG, Frank had worked with Connecticut Transit (CTtransit) as a […]

860-724-4242 Email Terri Thompson is the Principal Planner in the Department of Transportation.  She is responsible for the Traffic Incident Management Program and is also assigned as chair of the Regional Emergency Support Function (RESF) 1 – Transportation in the Capitol Region. Terri has been employed with CRCOG since November 2016. Prior to working for […]

860-724-4220 Email Sotoria Montanari has been employed at CRCOG for over a year as a Program Manager.  Working in the Transportation Department, Sotoria’s main responsibility includes managing the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP).  She enjoys working with the CRCOG towns on a variety of road, sidewalk and multi-use trail projects. Originally from Newport, Rhode […]

860-724-4214 Email Rob is a Principal Transportation Engineer with over 25 years of experience.  As a principal in CRCOG’s Transportation Department, his primary responsibilities include managing various State and Federal Transportation funding programs, performing Long Range Transportation Planning, and managing Corridor Studies.  Rob also deals with federal compliance issues associated with CRCOG’s role as a […]

860-724-4216 Email Pramod R Pandey has been with CRCOG as a Principal Planner in the Transportation Department since 2008. His responsibilities include Title VI & Environment Justice related activities, MPO Coordination, Intelligent Transportation System, Socio-economic and Demographic analysis, GIS and spatial data analysis, Congestion Management System, etc. Pramod was born in the mountainous country of […]

860-724-4223 Email Michael Cipriano is a Senior Transportation Planner who has been with CRCOG since 2014.  He received a degree from the University of Connecticut in Geography where he focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  He has contributed on various projects over the years while working closely with both the Transportation and Policy and Planning […]

860-724-4217 Email Erik Snowden is the IT and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator at CRCOG.  He manages the CRCOG office network and IT as well as its GIS system, Online Parcel Viewer (Web GIS) platform, databases and map production.  Additionally he coordinates regional and statewide data acquisition projects, including flyovers of the Capitol Region on […]

860-724-4279 Email Devon is a regional transportation planner and geographer working at the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) in Hartford, CT. In his position as Senior Transportation Planner, he often works in data analysis, using statistical and geospatial methods to analyze transportation and socio-economic patterns. He is heavily involved with performance measures, congestion management […]

860-724-4251 Email Cara Radzins is CRCOG’s Principal Transit Planner. Her responsibilities include Transit Planning, Corridor Studies, Public Involvement, and Freight Planning. Cara has been a part of CRCOG’s Transportation Department since 2015, and her projects have included the Comprehensive Transit Service Analysis, the Eastern Gateways Study, and the update of CRCOG’s Public Participation Plan. Cara [...]