FHI’s Shawna Kitzman and Stephanie Brooks partnered with WestCOG on an APA-certified webinar on managing parks and open space during a pandemic. Municipalities, agencies, and land/open space managers were eager to hear about best practices for adapting open space facilities to accommodate social distancing regulations. Guest speakers from the Aspetuck Land Trust and the Town [...]
Electricity Recruitment, 2020 Enrollment Form for municipalities interested in participating in the 2020 Electricity Consortium procurement. Town or Agency Name*Your Name or Primary Contact Name* First Last Your Email or Primary Contact Email* Your Phone # or Primary Contact Phone #*Estimated Annual Electricity Usage (in kWh)*Please estimate (not guarantee) how many TOTAL kWh you would [...]
IntroductionAction Plan1. Policies and Plans2. Complete Streets Network3. Educate and Encourage4. Monitor ProgressIntroductionBackground More than anything, a street should be a place. The Capitol Region’s streets are public space, and they should be more than just where we travel—they should be where we gather, play, socialize, celebrate, and buy and sell goods. For a long [...]
In partnership with the South Central Council of Governments and the City of New Haven, the team proposed a site plan for a temporary floating bus stop to serve transit riders. Once approved by the City, the team procured the bus stop. Spain-based Zicla produces the world’s only modular platform that improves transit access and [...]
On November 19, 2019, CRCOG facilitated a “nuts & bolts” workshop aimed at regional planners and public works staff. Speaking with an audience familiar with the basics of Complete Streets, the team lead a discussion on how to implement such initiatives faster and cheaper through workshops, mini plans and tactical urbanism strategies, with a focus on [...]
Anticipated for implementation in Spring 2020 Central Avenue in Norwich, CT is used as a through street by many locals. Despite only having one lane in each direction, roads are wide and parking/shoulder areas are not marked, visually creating a fairly fast road on a route that features city transit, school buses, and a mix [...]