Regional Housing Policy

CRCOG has adopted a Regional Housing Policy which addresses the need for affordable housing, the use and improvement of existing housing, the selective use and demolition of deteriorated housing and other related issues. The overall goals of the regional housing policy as found in the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development are:

  • To increase the range of choice in housing for persons of all incomes and all ages, but especially for those who have the least choice in achieving their locational preference.
  • To enforce federal and state fair housing laws.
  • To encourage and support the maintenance and revitalization of viable residential neighborhoods.
  • To support preservation of the region’s rental housing stock, and the expansion of housing opportunities for renters throughout the region.
  • To continue to improve the Capitol Region transportation system in order to better link housing, jobs and services, thus expanding individuals’ housing choices.

Implementation of these goals will require action by a broad range of parties, including municipal, state and federal governments, public and private developers, and regional entities such as CRCOG.


Fair Housing and Equity Assessment

CRCOG, in partnership with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) of Massachusetts prepared a Fair Housing Equity Assessment (“FHEA”) which provides a regional focus on issues that address equitable access to opportunity.  The objectives of the FHEA are to ensure that regional plans link fair housing considerations with issues of transportation, employment, education, land use planning, and environmental justice and to ensure that affordable housing is located in areas that offer access to opportunity regardless of race, family status, disability, source of income or other personal characteristics protected under federal and state civil rights statutes.



CRCOG is an active participant in the HOMEConnecticut project. HOMEConnecticut is the statewide campaign aimed at increasing the stock of affordable housing in Connecticut. The campaign was created to preserve the quality of life and the strong, competitive economy that has distinguished Connecticut, but which is now threatened by a dramatic lack of housing affordable to working families and individuals. The Campaign has received grants of support from TD BancNorth, RBS National Corporation, Webster Financial and the Melville Charitable Trust to fund the research, outreach and advocacy. Capitol Region municipal officials and staff serve on the HOMEConnecticut Steering Committee. For more information, go to the Partnership for Strong Communities: HOMEConnecticut.

Family standing in front of house