As a result of an initiative by the Public Safety Council, a regional police physical ability testing program, adhering to POST standards, was unveiled in February of 2000.

The program, administered by Complete Health and Injury Prevention, Inc. (CHIP), is posting some impressive statistics. Hundreds of assessment centers have been held and there are over 9,000 “card-carrying” recruits in the Capitol Region whose certificates have been accepted in over sixty municipalities. The benefits of the program include a reduction in the financial, personnel, and time commitments involved in planning and administering assessments and an expedited hiring process. To find out future assessment dates and which Capitol Region police departments are currently hiring, please visit  Additionally, CHIP is launching an exciting new initiative in partnership with Bruce Davey Associates on

This program’s counterpart, the regional fire physical ability testing program, is now also in place. More information about this program and fire activities in general can be found on the CT Fire Administrator’s web page: