Regional Performance Incentive Grant Opportunities

Calling all towns to participate!

On December 18th,  2019 the CRCOG Policy Board passed a resolution to apply for Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) Grants.  All towns interested in participating or supporting, should pass a resolution by February in order to be eligible for the grants.  The projects approved are:

  • CRCOG Region-wide Planimetric Data
  • School-Municipal Back Office Consolidation CBA and Implementation Plan(s),
  • TOD Marketing and Deal Structuring Assistance
  • Economic development consultant for four towns.

Sample resolutions and descriptions can be found in this post.

Sample Resolutions


Sample resolution endorsement 2019


All resolutions are due to OPM by February 28th, 2020 and may be sent to Martin Heft at  Please send a copy to Pauline Yoder as well.

OPM will evaluate in March and April and CRCOG estimates announcements for May of 2020

Project Descriptions

CRCOG Region-wide Planimetric Data

(estimate $900,000 – $100,000 of which will come from CRCOG Regional Fund if scope is reduced the cost would be $660,000 with $90,000 from CRCOG’s Regional Fund)

Planimetric data such as edge of pavement, sidewalks and driveways, buildings, trees, etc. (transportation, MS4 applications), leveraging existing orthophotography and lidar data.

School/Town Back Office Consolidation Cost Benefit Analysis and Implementation Plan(s)

(estimate: $200,000 with $40,000 match
Per town estimate: $10,000 – $20,000 per town – including 20% match from participating towns)

Based on CRCOG’s Strategic Planning Survey conducted in 2018-2019, School/Town Back Office Consolidation is an area of high interest for many of CRCOG’s members.  Some have already implemented such consolidation, and many are interested.  This program would develop a Cost Benefit Analysis and an Implementation Plan for the participating towns and a model CBA and Implementation Plan for other towns to use as well.

Transit-Oriented Development Marketing and Deal Structuring Assistance

(estimate: $600,000 including 10-20% match with $25,000 from CRCOG local or regional funds)
Applicable towns: Berlin, Enfield, Hartford, New Britain, Newington, West Hartford, Windsor, Windsor Locks

Hire a firm or firms to assist towns along CTrail and CTfastrak to do the following:

  • Prepare concept visions, concept plans, and marketing materials for proposed TOD sites
  • Draft and issue requests for proposals to developers
  • Assist with RFP reviews
  • Assist with structuring development deals
    • Financing (including potential innovative financing like TIF)
    • Risk mitigation
    • Community benefit agreements

For CTrail towns without current stations or in need of new stations (West Hartford, Newington, Enfield, Windsor, and potentially Windsor Locks)

  • Assist with developing RFPs (or a single RFP) for a station-area public private partnership
    • Initial concept is that station platforms would be built by the state/town
    • Developers would be asked to develop a multi-use structure on the site
      • First floor train station and waiting area
      • First floor retail/office
      • Upper floors office or residential
      • Shared parking

Requested by Towns for CRCOG Endorsement

East Granby, Windsor, Windsor Locks and Suffield Economic Development Consultant

The Towns of East Granby, Windsor Locks, and Suffield would like to submit an application to the Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) to help fund a regional economic development consultant position.  Currently, the position of Economic Development Director is not provided by any of the three towns due to cost as a full-time position with benefits can cost well over $100,000.  Therefore, the RPIP grant offers an opportunity to provide this desired public service while lowering the cost to the municipalities associated with funding this position.  There is a possibility that the Bradley Development League, which is a consortium of the four towns surrounding the airport (East Granby, Suffield, Windsor Locks, Windsor) who work together to promote economic development will be involved with the application.  The details of the position are yet to be finalized but it is anticipated to be full time and that each town will receive at least one day of service per week.  The towns expect to apply for a multi-year project and would be seeking $100,000 to $125,000 per year.  Duties of the position would include but not be limited to the following:

  • Assist with business retention and expansion opportunities,
  • Coordinate marketing efforts for vacant industrial/commercial land and vacant building/office space,
  • Assist with grant administration efforts,
  • Assist with Bradley Development League duties and attend meetings,
  • Assist with marketing efforts toward Bradley Development League target industries (Aerospace Manufacturing, Financial/Insurance Technology),
  • Support Economic Development Commission initiatives.


Please contact Pauline Yoder via e-mail or at (860) 724-4285.