Regional Performance Incentive Program Grants

RPIP Resolution of Endorsement Sample 2015

Sample Support Resolution 2015

OPM's Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) is an annual grant that is based on available revenues in a specific account. Total number of grant amounts and numbers awarded vary from year to year.  All applications are due by December 31st.

CRCOG has received numerous RPIP grants including Statewide Orthoflight, Data Center Project, Regional GIS, CAPTAIN 4G, Back Office Study to name a few.

For December of 2015, CRCOG submitted for the following applications:

  • Anchor Institution and Neighborhood Engagement in TOD—Implementation of Next Steps ($200,000). CRCOG received notice in June of 2016 that this grant had been approved.  As of September 2016, CRCOG was awaiting Notice of Grant Awards and paperwork from OPM.
  • Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory ($150,000)
  • Economic Development Grant for the Towns of Bolton, Coventry, Mansfield and Tolland ($160,000)
  • Regional Service Management (CRM) System ($285,000)
  • Code Enforcement Software (estimated $450,000)
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