crcog foundation


Established in 2005, the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) Foundation, Inc. was created to support the broad range of planning and direct service activities carried out locally by Capitol Region municipalities and regionally by CRCOG. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing policies and programs in four strategic areas—Transportation, Community Development, Public Safety, and Municipal Services—and serves three key roles: as an educator, a convener, and a funder.

crcog foundation board of directors

  • Stephen Cassano


  • David Kilbon

    Vice President

  • Lee Erdmann


  • Chip Beckett


John Carson

University of Hartford

Douglas Fisher

Advocacy and Development Solutions

Mary Glassman

Governor’s Office

Matthew Hart


Brian Heavren

Trinity College

Richard Porth


Brandon Robertson

Town of Avon

Diane Smith

Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

Lori Spielman

First Selectman, Town of Ellington

Erin Stewart

Mayor, City of New Britain

Mohamad Alkadry


Hedy Ayers


Shari Cantor

Mayor, Town of West Hartford

Erin Stewart

Mayor, City of New Britain

Jason Bowsza

First Selectman, Town of East Windsor

Mike Walsh

Mayor, Town of East Hartford