municipal services


The mission of the CRCOG Municipal Services Department is to help towns and cities save tax dollars and enhance operating efficiencies.

Municipal Services Committee

The Municipal Services Committee consists of First Selectmen and Mayors, Town Managers, and other municipal officials who are responsible for the administration of local governments. Committee representatives are appointed by the Mayors and First Selectmen of CRCOG member municipalities. The Municipal Services Committee focuses on municipal shared services.

Human Resources Portal

Human services coordinating council

The Human Services Coordinating Council was established to encourage collaborations and foster development and maintenance of a client-focused structure for the health and human services system in the region.

Regional Election Monitoring

In the June 2015 Special Session, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Connecticut Public Act 15-5. Sections 442, 443 and 444 of this bill require a regional election monitor within each planning region, as defined in section 4-124i of the General Statutes who shall represent, consult with and act on behalf of the Secretary of the State (SOTS) in preparations for and operations of any election, primary or recanvas, or any audit conducted pursuant to section 9-320f of the General Statutes.

To that end, the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) has contracted with a consultant to perform regional election monitoring under the general supervision of the CRCOG Director of Municipal Services and at the direction of the Connecticut Secretary of the State. The Regional Election Monitor works with registrars and other town officials from the thirty-eight CRCOG member municipalities to fulfill the duties outlined in PA 15-5, Sections 442-444 and contained in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Connecticut Secretary of the State (SOTS) and CRCOG.

You can contact the CRCOG Election Monitor Maureen Goulet at or by telephone: (860) 522-2217 ext. 211.


CRCOG, under direction of its Policy Board, actively pursues collaborative waste management and diversion program and service activities to provide cost-effective strategies and solutions for its members. 

CRCOG authorized the creation of the Central CT Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) through the concurrent adoption of an Ordinance under the provisions of Section 7-723aa through Section 7-723oo, inclusive, of the CT General Statutes Annotated (Chapter 103b), having all rights, powers, duties, and obligations of a regional solid waste authority pursuant to Chapter 103b and Chapters 446d and 446e of the CT General Statutes Annotated.  CCSWA municipal members designate CCSWA as their regional waste authority, including their regional resource recovery authority.  While currently on hiatus, CCSWA member municipalities and CRCOG are exploring next steps, including strategies for waste management and diversion in the region. 

Through a competitive RFP process, CRCOG authorized a comprehensive Solid Waste Management and Diversion Study.  Please see below for additional information.

CRCOG’s current waste management and diversion programs and services, including Textile Recycling, please contact Robyn Nichols.