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Route 20 Transportation System and Land Use Study
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CRCOG’s 2023 Legislative Agenda Focused On Service Sharing, Infrastructure Funding, And Other Key Policy Goals
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2023 Legislative Agenda
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The Capitol Region Council of Governments

The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) is a voluntary Council of Governments formed to initiate and implement regional programs of benefit to the towns and the region. It is guided by the chief elected officials of our 38 Metro Hartford municipalities. The mayors, first selectmen, and town council chairmen who make up our governing Policy Board recognize that the future of our individual members is tied to the future of our region. Our members have collaborated for more than 50 years on a wide range of projects to benefit our towns individually and the region as a whole.

Capitol Region Council of Governments Map

Working Together for a Better Region

Helping to improve governmental efficiency and save tax dollars

Strengthening the Capitol City of Hartford, Connecticut

Advocating for the region and its towns with State and Federal governments


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