Human Resource Consulting Group

Human Resource Consulting Services Contract

Through a competitive Request for Proposal process, CRCOG has chosen Human Resources Consulting Group (HRCG) to provide Human Resources Consulting Services for a variety of member needs including: Class and Compensation Studies, Training, Investigations and General HR Management.

  • Workshops: HRCG deliver a variety of training programs including sexual harassment, workplace diversity, performance management, labor laws, and more.
  • Benefit Management: HRCG provides benefit administration as an outsourced service, designing appropriate benefit plans, securing providers, managing open enrollments, reconciling all payments and invoices, and notifying you of upcoming changes.
  • HR Services: Compensation studies, workplace investigations, employee handbook review/maintenance, background checks, OSHA and worker’s comp reporting, policy development, unemployment/COBRA/FMLA Administration.
  • Payroll: HRCG provides payroll and payroll administrative services, including Tax Management and Leading edge HCM Technology.
  • Additional Services: HRCG provides comprehensive solutions and expert resources to help you manage your workforce and be compliant with the ever-changing employment laws and regulation.

Contact Robin Imbrogno at (203) 881-1755 for more information on HRCG.

Human Resource Consulting Group (HRCG)
The team, technology and reputation of HRCG, is comprised of delivering practical and cost-effective solutions for payroll, risk management, HR administration, time and attendance, and benefit management challenges.


  • Competitively bid contract open to all CRCOG and CRPC members.
  • Experienced Human Resources professionals

For Inquiries:
Kim Bona (CRCOG) kbona@crcog.org or Robin Imbrogno (HRCG) (203) 881-1755 robin@hr–consulting-group.com

Textile Recycling

CRCOG has a contract with Baystate for Textile Recycling Services that is open to all CRCOG and CRPC members. For more information on this contract or to execute a Side Letter, please contact Robyn Nichols.

DEI+B Services

Through a competitive RFP process, CRCOG recently contracted with Daniel Penn Associates, LLC to provide Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI + B) training and services to our member municipalities.

What is DEI+B?
DEI+B refers to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Organizations that embrace diversity and have an equitable and inclusive culture outperform environments that are not diverse, equitable, or inclusive. The highest performing organizations, including municipal organizations, strive to include people of diverse ethnicities, abilities, backgrounds, and cultures. They embed true collaboration into their values, work practices, and behaviors. They ensure accountability for diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging.

Why is it important to your town or organization?
When DEI+B becomes a priority, EVERY aspect of your organization benefits, diversity, equity, and inclusion creates a culture of belonging by investing in people and their core values, increasing cultural competencies, and creating sustainable change.

Under the Master Contract, basic DEI+B training and services will include:

Training for municipal staff, senior leaders, and elected officials which addresses:

  • Systemic Racism – what is it and how to recognize it
  • Implicit/Unconscious Bias – how it shows up and how to recognize it
  • How to Start to Undo Bias
  • Micro-aggressions – how to recognize and how to respond when encountering
  • Cultural Awareness & Inclusion
  • Create a training toolkit and train staff on how to facilitate DEI+B dialogue
  • Create an evaluation plan for individual towns to measure the efficacy of training and progress of the inclusiveness initiative
  • Conduct community workshops focused on DEI+B open to the public

Interested municipalities should contact Kim Bona at CRCOG for pricing, additional information, or to execute a Side Letter to the MSA.

Online Permitting


The CRCOG Online Permitting program, provided in conjunction with ViewPoint and Municity Software, enables homeowners and licensed contractors to apply for and receive building permits, track the status of permit applications, and request inspections through cloud based permitting technology.  On the front end municipalities can offer a transparent application process and user friendly interface which citizens can access 24/7.  On the back end, the program provides municipalities with an intuitive online tool that will help to organize, streamline, and track their permitting operations. Online Permitting solutions facilitate collaboration between departments by centralizing and automating workflows.

Municipalities can choose between ViewPoint Cloud and Municity 5; both online cloud based permitting programs.  Based out of New York, Municity has provided municipal software, recently cloud based, since 1983. Municity products are hosted by IBM. Based out of Boston, ViewPoint has provided municipal software since 1995 and recently unveiled its newest permitting software: View Point Cloud. View Point Cloud is hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Contact CRCOG to find out more about ViewPoint Cloud, Municity 5, and how CRCOG can help your town find the online permitting solution that’s right for you.


  • Citizens can submit requests and payments outside of Town Hall business hours. Citizens are given 24/7 access to the Town Hall interface.
  • Towns can minimize physical resources needed for front office workflows (i.e in person submissions) and accelerate processing times.
  • Towns can utilize analytical data (provided by the software) to get a better understanding of activity within their community.
  • Provides insight into the Town’s operations and streamlines the application process.
  • Provides citizens with real time access to public record information.
  • CRCOG provides two software solutions: ViewPoint Cloud or Municity 5.
  • Solutions are cloud based and utilize GIS applications.
  • Solutions minimize resources needed to process permit applications.
  • Solutions offer a transparent and user friendly interface.
  • Citizens can interface with the program 24/7, allowing materials to be submitted outside of business hours without the need of additional personnel resources.