Regional Planning
and Development

policy development and planning

As Capitol Region municipalities face the ongoing challenges of administering local governments and guiding the development, conservation and preservation of communities, CRCOG’s Policy Development & Planning Department carries out a range of activities to meet local needs. Policy Development & Planning projects cover diverse topics: land use, zoning, housing, sustainable and livable communities, transit oriented development, brownfields, natural disaster mitigation, and data management. Our responsibilities include work mandated by the State Statutes and other projects pursued at the direction of the CRCOG Policy Board and the Regional Planning Commission.

Plan of Conservation and Development Update

We are currently updating the region's Plan of Conservation and Development! Questions on what the POCD is, our process, or opportunities to be involved and provide feedback, check out our POCD page or our flyer for more information. And please take our survey (below) which will be open until September 30, 2023.


January 23, 2018 Meeting: