There are potentially 42 towns affected with the crumbling foundations issue.  This page is an informational page on what CRCOG has gathered regarding crumbling foundations and what CRCOG is currently doing to help our towns in this situation.

On August 10th 2016, CRCOG’s Executive Committee voted to form an ad-hoc working committee for Crumbling Foundations.  The goal of the committee is to provide towns and homeowners with assistance in needed areas: including potentially helping in determining qualified contractors in testing, engineering and remediation.  In addition, the committee could also study the development of other forms of relief to homeowners.

Please go to for the Foundation Testing Reimbursement Program

Qualified vendors

CRCOG has a Qualified Vendors List for vendors related to crumbling foundations.

This is not a comprehensive list of all qualified contractors. The list is provided as a public service and CRCOG does not warrant or guarantee any work nor make any representations regarding the contractors on the list.

Affected Towns

Towns Affected or Potentially Affected for Real Estate Transactions per General Statute 20-327b.

For a text list of the affected towns, please contact