ezIQC® Construction

Job Order Contracting with ezIQC®

The ezIQC® program is a competitively-bid, on-call service for construction projects. On-call, no-obligation price proposals and scope reviews are available to all CRPC members.

Projects Large and Small

From bathroom renovations to bridge repair, from thousand- to million-dollar projects, ezIQC® has a solution.

5 Simple Steps

ezIQC® can help simplify your procurement process! IT's just five simple steps.

Bring speed and efficiency to your procurement process. Through competitive pricing networks, ezIQC® provides access to competitively awarded contractors.

Why Use ezIQC®?

The Gordian Group was terrific.

Jonathan Luiz
Town Administrator, Columbia

How good government should always work.

Michael J. Freda
First Selectman, North Haven

Very helpful and easy to use.

Clifford Gurnham
Director of Operations, Guilford BOE

$50 million in Job Orders

Over $50 million in purchase orders have gone through ezIQC® program since 2009.

How It Works

The ezIQC® program conducts a competitive bidding process for regional contractors in each corner of the state.

Small Project Day 1-2 Day 3-4 Day 3-4 Day 3-4 Day 3-4
Large Project Week 1-2 Week 1-2 Week 1-2 Week 1-2 Week 1-2

General Contracting

General Contractors are competitively bid by region, and provide fixed prices at volume discounts in our cooperative to save you time and money on construction procurement.

  • Northeast – Millenium Builders General Construction

  • Northwest – Millenium Builders General Construction

  • Southeast – BMP Construction General Construction

  • Southwest – BMP Construction General Construction


Roads and Bridges

Regional Contractors for roads and bridges are available with volume discounts. Contractors are already competitively bid, saving you time on procurement procedures.

  • Region 1 – Hemlock Construction – Road and Bridge Maintenance

  • Region 2 – Hemlock Construction – Road and Bridge Maintenance

  • Region 3 – BMP Construction – Road and Bridge Maintenance

  • Region 4 – Yield Industries – Road and Bridge Maintenance

Start Your Project

1. Get a Side Letter Agreement

2. Go to the ezIQC® Portal and enter your project information

3. An ezIQC® representative will contact you to start the process!

Success Stories

Save Resources

ezIQC Middletown Boat Launch project

Middletown’s Boat Launch project saved $68,168 from their initial project estimate.

Save Time

North Haven Department of Public Works campus improvements

North Haven completed a time-sensitive new building ahead of schedule.

Save Energy

Columbia Town Hall

Columbia created energy efficiency in an older building within three working days of contacting ezIQC®.


  • General Construction

  • Road and Bridge

  • HVAC and/or Roofing

  • CHRO and PW

  • 2016 GC

  • 2016 RB


CRCOG Contact:

Kim Bona
Program Manager, CRCOG

ezIQC® Contacts:

Jim York
General Contracting – Northeast and Northwest
Roads & Bridges – Regions 1 & 2

Heather Welsh
General Contracting – Southeast & Southwest
Roads & Bridges – Regions 3 & 4

Greg Mauro
Enterprise Account Executive