The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) leads as a catalyst to enhance the quality of life, vibrancy, and vitality of the Greater Hartford region. CRCOG provides planning, programs, and services to its member municipalities and is the region’s designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). CRCOG is a strong advocate for the region and regional solutions.

Final Banner Core Values

Summary of strategic goals

Governance and Communications

  1. Create a forum for substantive policy discussions related to key
    issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our members and the
  2. Refine CRCOG’s communications strategy to promote awareness of CRCOG’s work and services, build our professional network, and
    elevate issues of critical regional importance to the attention of
    elected officials, municipal staff, and other key stakeholders.

Federal Infrastructure Funding 

  1. Assist our members with leveraging maximum funding from BIL, IRA, and related infrastructure grant programs.

Economic Vitality

  1. Implement the key recommendations in the CEDS, including support for workforce development initiatives, facilitation of mixed-use, mixed-income, and transit-oriented development, and the creation of a regional business recruitment and retention program focusing first on the business sectors that are identified in the CEDS.

Regional Housing Strategy 

  1. Assist member municipalities across the region with increasing access to quality housing for people of varying income levels.

Regional Environmental Services

  1. Implement key recommendations in CRCOG’s waste management study to develop a more sustainable waste management system for the region.
  2. Develop a long-term plan to significantly improve stormwater
    infrastructure across the region, implementing nature-based solutions where appropriate.
  3. Work to meet goals set by state and federal governments to address
    climate change.

Coordinated Approach to Road Safety, Complete Streets, and Multi-use Trail Projects

  1. Work to dramatically improve safety for all road users in an equitable way and to promote micromobility and Complete Streets.

Enhanced Bus and Rail Service

  1. Collaborate with CTDOT, member municipalities, the Pioneer Valley
    Planning Commission (PVPC), and other stakeholders to improve
    passenger service on the Hartford Line.
  2. Help shape the GHMS and advocate for the implementation of
    recommended projects.
  3. Work with CTDOT and transit operators to enhance bus service, including paratransit, throughout our region.

Public Sector Workforce Development, Shared Services, and Direct Services

  1. Work with member municipalities and other key stakeholders to develop a talent pipeline for key municipal occupations.
  2. Help member municipalities share services to capture economies of scale and improve service quality.
  3. Provide direct services through CRCOG where desired and feasible.