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Annual/Biennial Bid Schedule

CRPC Annual Bid Opportunities and Results

The Capitol Region Purchasing Council is a cooperative council of over 100 towns and other entities in the State of Connecticut. We have several programs available to members, including the CRPC annual/biennial bids, the ezIQC Job Order Contracting construction program, the IT Services Cooperative, and Energy Consortia. You can find out more about these programs by clicking the program page link on the left.

If you are interested in learning more or joining the CRPC, please contact Jessica Muirhead at (860) 522-2217, ext. 4283.

CRPC Members FY19-20

Who we are

The Capitol Region Purchasing Council was created in 1968 in response to CRCOG member towns’ needs for regional procurement of common goods and services. Today, we serve over 100 municipalities, Board of Education and other government entities in the State of Connecticut. Operating under the auspices of the Capitol Region Council of Governments, the CRPC functions as both a supplemental procurement office for its member municipalities and as a central clearinghouse for the collection and distribution of purchasing-related information and expertise.

How our bid process works

For our annual and biennial bids, CRPC  solicits requirements from our members, puts the bid specification together, advertises the bid to the vendor community through our e-procurement system, newspaper advertisements, and on the CT DAS Procurement Portal, opens the bid and puts together a bid tabulation.

The CRPC does not make awards for our annual/biennial bids. Our members make their own awards based on which vendor is the lowest responsible, responsive vendor for their particular needs.

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Presentations from the 10/27/16 CRPC Annual Meeting:

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