CT Safety Academy -October 20, 2016

Data Driven Safety Analysis – A Roundtable Discussion


A CT Safety Academy or A Municipal Legal Traffic Authority Elective Workshop
Data Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) uses crash, roadway and traffic volume information to help state and local agencies make informed transportation safety decisions and to quantify the safety impact of these decisions.

During this roundtable discussion the following information will be shared and we will encourage an open forum to discuss opportunities and challenges for improving safety on Connecticut local roads:

  • New Crash Data tools developed through the Connecticut Crash Data Repository – a partnership between CTDOT and the University of Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center
  • How to use the data now available in Connecticut to establish priorities for safety improvement planning and to build that information into a comprehensive local road safety plan
  • A Regional Planning Agency (RPA) perspective on regional local road safety planning and how to engage involvement by municipalities
  • Overview of CTDOT Safety programs intended to help local agencies with a systemic approach to safety improvement.

For more information about this event, please visit CT Safety Academy.

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