Connecticut Department of Housing Expands Eligibility for Crumbling Foundation Testing Reimbursement

Waiver Applications Now Available for Homeowners Located More than 20 miles Away from the Former J.J. Mottes Concrete Company

 (Hartford, CT) – Today, the Department of Housing (DOH) is announcing that, due to revisions authorized by the State Bond Commission in February, homeowners located more than 20 miles away from the former J.J. Mottes Concrete Company in Stafford Springs are now eligible for a waiver under the Crumbling Foundations Testing Program.  This program is funded by DOH and operated by the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG).  Before this revision, only homeowners located within a 20 mile radius of the former concrete company were eligible for foundation testing reimbursement.

Last year, Governor Malloy announced that the state would begin offering testing reimbursements to homeowners in northeastern Connecticut who are impacted or potentially impacted by the ongoing crumbling foundation issue.  To date, the program has received 361 applications and provided over $163,000 in reimbursements.

“Testing homes is one of the most crucial components of the overall response to the issue of crumbling foundations,” Governor Malloy said. “By expanding eligibility for testing reimbursement to homes outside of the original 20 mile radius, we will be able to get an improved understanding on the scope of the problem, and better serve residents affected by this natural disaster.”

“We’re thankful that, under Governor Malloy’s leadership, the State Bond Commission has authorized these waivers,” said DOH Commissioner Klein.  “This expanded eligibility for testing will allow us to assist homeowners whose foundations are crumbling and may be due to the presence of pyrrhotite.  In the months ahead, we expect to see additional progress in the formation of the Captive Insurance Company.”

“We’d like to thank Governor Malloy and the Department of Housing for the opportunity to administer this program and we are thankful for the positive feedback we have received from the community,” said Lyle Wray, Executive Director of the Capitol Region Council of Governments.  “We look forward to assisting more homeowners with the implementation of the waiver.”

John Filchak, Executive Director of the Northeast Connecticut Council of Governments said, “We are very pleased with the decision to grant waivers for homes impacted by crumbling foundations beyond the previous twenty mile limit.  It is good news to our residents and we greatly appreciate this positive development to assist people impacted.”

A number of homes in the region have suffered damage due to what appears to be a slow moving natural disaster—specifically the reaction of a naturally occurring mineral, pyrrhotite, to oxygen and water. Pyrrhotite is an iron sulfide mineral, and its exposure to oxygen and water leads to a chemical reaction that results in the deterioration of home foundations.  The presence of pyrrhotite indicates the potential for concrete deterioration, but its existence alone does not necessarily cause it.  Homes and structures in approximately 36 towns may be impacted.  As a structure continues to deteriorate, it often becomes unsound.

To be eligible for a reimbursement of foundation testing costs, the follow criteria apply:

  • The home must have been built during or after 1983.
  • If the home was built before 1983, but there is an addition that was built after 1983, only the addition is eligible for testing reimbursement. The homeowner must supply proof that the addition was built after 1983 (such as a building permit, certificate of occupancy, or other similar documentation).
  • The home is located within a 20 miles radius of the former J.J. Mottes Concrete Company in Stafford Springs—though the Commissioner of the Department of Housing may now grant a waiver for homes located outside this radius.
  • Visual Inspection must be performed by a licensed professional engineer.


Homeowners are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of their testing costs, up to $2,000 for petrographic analysis—core testing.  Visual inspections will be reimbursed at 100% of value, up to $400.

For additional information or to apply for a reimbursement, please visit and submit an application.


For Immediate Release: March 9, 2018
Contact: Dan Arsenault
Connecticut Department of Housing
860-270-8103 (office)
860-977-3189 (cell)

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