Honoring the memory of Lyle Wray, CRCOG’s Executive Director Emeritus

Our team at CRCOG was deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of Lyle Wray, our Executive Director emeritus. Lyle was a mentor, a colleague, and a friend to many of us. He was well-respected across our region, our state, and nationally. He was a true thought leader and accomplished much during his tenure at CRCOG.

I remember meeting Lyle in the late 2000s when he agreed to facilitate a retreat for the board of the former Windham Region Council of Governments. I was then serving as the Town Manager in Mansfield, CT. Lyle and I also served on a subcommittee of the Municipal Opportunities for Regional Efficiencies (MORE) Commission, and we were guest speakers for a few charter revision commissions to discuss the details of the council-manager form of government. During those early years, I remember being impressed by Lyle’s knowledge and passion for transportation planning and regional government as well as his facilitation skills. Furthermore, I relished his one-liners and sense of humor.


When the state moved to consolidate its planning regions in 2013, I encouraged the Mansfield Town Council to join CRCOG. As the host community of the state’s flagship university, I thought that Mansfield would truly benefit by having access to CRCOG’s capabilities. I was also motivated to have access to Lyle – his knowledge, his skillset, and his expertise. Moving to CRCOG turned out to be a good fit for the town, and I appreciated the opportunity to work with Lyle more closely and to learn from him. We would talk frequently between board meetings and at professional gatherings.

I was extremely honored to succeed Lyle as CRCOG’s Executive Director. He immediately helped me become acclimated by introducing me to key people and bringing me up-to-speed on important projects. He was always available to lend his perspective without judgment. His dedication and commitment to CRCOG and good policy initiatives was evident, even in retirement.


I have been touched by reading the memories, anecdotes, and stories of Lyle. Lyle was universally admired as a professional and as a human being. He had a positive impact on so many of us and contributed greatly to the quality of life and civic fabric in our region and our state.

As a team, we will miss Lyle deeply – his keen intellect, his wit, and his perspective on all things related to local and regional government. We will hold his memory close and work to honor his legacy.

-- Matt Hart. Executive Director at CRCOG


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