LOTCIP Updates


The Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) provides State funds to urbanized area municipal governments in lieu of otherwise available Federal transportation funds. Since its inception in 2013 through June 30, 2022, over $70 million in LOTCIP funds have been expended on 49 projects within the CRCOG region. In addition, there are approximately 75 projects in the pipeline that are in various phases of the LOTCIP process. LOTCIP project types include Pavement Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Bridge Replacement, Intersection Improvements, and Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements. The vast majority of the CRCOG region has benefited from LOTCIP, with 33 of 38 municipalities having been awarded project funding under the program. Some of the key benefits that LOTCIP provides are a more streamlined schedule, more local control over project design and decision making, and cost savings due to better bid prices.

About the StoryMap

StoryMaps are an innovative, new GIS technology that allows CRCOG to showcase the benefits of LOTCIP in an interactive, user-friendly way, as opposed to a static document. As the LOTCIP program at CRCOG grows, so will StoryMap. This StoryMap geographically shows the location of LOTCIP projects that are completed, in construction or are in earlier phases of initiation. Additionally, the StoryMap includes before and after images of project sites from street level and aerial viewpoints.

StoryMap Link: CRCOG LOTCIP StoryMap

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