MetroHartford Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and Appendices (2012)

About the CEDS

In 2012, CRCOG and the MetroHartford Alliance developed an updated Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the thirty municipalities in CRCOG, in addition to Cromwell. The CEDS is broken up into three parts: the major initiatives and action steps; an economic and demographic trend analysis; and an analysis of industry clusters. The result is a plan that focuses attention on four major initiative areas: Clusters, Workforce and Education, Infrastructure, and Downtown Hartford.

The CEDS also enables the municipalities who take part to apply for certain grants from the Economic Development Administration.

2016/2017 CEDS Update

The CEDS must be updated every five years for the region to remain eligible for grant funding. CRCOG has begun the process of updating the 2012 CEDS, though this year will involve some bigger changes. In 2014, the state initiated a regional consolidation process that reduced the number of Regional Planning Organizations in the state from 15 to 9. Through that process, CRCOG gained an additional eight municipalities. The current CEDS update will include those eight municipalities, who were formerly in two other CEDS regions.

Important Documents