Qualified Vendors List


Based on the current best practices for fixing the problem of a crumbling concrete foundation, CRCOG has compiled the following list of vendors to perform replacement services for property owners with a crumbling concrete foundation. CRCOG does not grant any certifications of any kind.

This is not a comprehensive list of all qualified contractors. The list is provided as a public service and CRCOG does not warrant or guarantee any work nor make any representations regarding the contractors on the list.  For those interested in being on the list, CRCOG will be doing a Request for Qualifications on a regular basis.  Please check on our crcog.bonfirehub.com.

Before hiring a contractor, please visit the website below for Consumer Information on Hiring a Contractor. Although a panel of Public Works and Building Officials recognizes the contractors on the following lists are qualified to do the work, homeowners should perform their due diligence. Please protect yourself and your property by following the steps listed at the following website: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0242-hiring-contractor

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection also has a website regarding crumbling foundations: www.ct.gov/DCP/concrete

Additional information about CRCOG’s Ad-Hoc Working Committee on Crumbling Foundations can be found on the CRCOG’s Crumbling Foundations page.

Vendor List