Public Participation

Public Involvement

Each major planning project that the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) undertakes includes a public involvement component, tailored to the specific project. In addition to public meetings, CRCOG’s public involvement work often includes additional outreach and engagement efforts such as focus groups, separate meetings with individuals and interested groups, and newsletter updates.

It is the policy of CRCOG to have a proactive public involvement process that:

  • Develops transportation plans and programs in a manner that assures that the public, and affected communities in particular, are provided ample opportunity to participate in the development of such plans;
  • Actively seeks out the involvement of the communities most affected by particular plans or projects;
  • Involves the public early in the planning process;
  • Provides timely public notice of projects, meetings and opportunities to provide input; and
  • Provides complete public information and access to CRCOG activities at all key stages in the decision-making process.

Public Participation Plan

CRCOG’s Public Participation Plan describes CRCOG’s goals, policies, and procedures to ensure that all members of the public have access to information and opportunities to participate in the transportation planning process for the Hartford metropolitan area. In 2017, CRCOG adopted a new Public Participation Plan. The previous Public Participation Plan was last updated in 2007, and this new plan incorporates current practices and federal requirements. In addition to the full Plan, an Executive Summary is available in English, Spanish, and Polish. You can download any of these documents using the links below.

Public Participation Plan

Public Participation Plan: Executive Summary

Plan de participación pública: Resumen ejecutivo

Plan Udziału Społeczeństwa: Podsumowanie Wykonawcze

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