CREPC / Region 3 Resource Typing – Public Works


Per the State’s 2007 Homeland Security Strategy and CRCOG’s 2007 Homeland Security Grant Program requirements, communities are required to submit specific resource information using a standardized FEMA format.  Additionally, this information is required under  CT General Statute 28-22a Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact Article III sub sec. (3).

CREPC / Region 3 Resource Typing – Public Works

The documents linked below are specific to resources held within municipal public works departments, highway departments, or parks and recreation departments. The documents include:

  • a blank Excel resource spreadsheet, updated 2/5/09

  • a public works resource definition sheet

  • completed spreadsheets as a reference

  • the standardized FEMA Acronym list

To complete the Public Works resource typing for your community:

  1. Download resource spreadsheet
  2. Complete as appropriate – either by direct entry, or cut and paste data from other sources
  3. Save the file with your community name in the title, e.g. Bloomfield PW-Resource Typing
  4. Email document to David Gofstein at


Any questions can be emailed directly to , or Carmine Centrella at