We’re Capitol Region Council of Governments, CRCOG What?

Although CRCOG and other councils of governments in Connecticut have been around for many years, anecdotally, CRCOG employees find that many in the public are unaware of our organization and the work we do. CRCOG what?

We aim to change that with the CRCOGWhat, CRCOGWho, CRCOGWhy social media campaign! With this new campaign, we’re going to focus on helping educate our social media followers with content that illustrates how: 

  • We work with public officials to improve our region. 
  • We help towns and cities save tax dollars and enhance operating efficiencies. 
  • We advocate for the capital city and member towns and provide various shared services to facilitate governmental efficiency. 
  • We promote regional public safety and inter-agency strategies for public safety service delivery, managerial cooperation, training, and use of advanced technology. 

As part of this campaign, you’ll see graphics, infographics, and new video content that highlights what, who, and why we do all of the impactful things we do to enhance our region. 

We also want YOU to help us! Follow us on:

We look forward to your comments, questions, and shares! Thank you for being a part of our online communities.

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