Transportation Planning

The Capitol Region Council of Governments is committed to developing an efficient multi-modal transportation system enhancing the safety and mobility of people and goods within the Capitol Region. Our strategy for achieving this is explained in the Regional Transportation Plan, specific projects over the next four years that use federal funds can be found in our Transportation Improvement Program, and CRCOG specific tasks are identified in the Unified Planning Work Program. For more information about these key documents, check the Transportation Department’s Core Plans page.

In addition to overseeing the core plans, the Transportation Department plays an important role in multi-modal planning (bus transit, freight, rail, and vulnerable users). For more information about these topics, visit the Transportation Department’s Multi-Modal Planning page.

Transportation planning with the Capitol Region also includes improving the operations and management of the region’s highways and roads. These include congestion management, intelligent transportation systems, and traffic incident management. For more information on these topics, check the Transportation Department’s Operations & Management page.

In an effort to make the transportation strategy a reality, CRCOG oversees a number of funding opportunities and coordinates with the Connecticut Department of Transportation and other stakeholders in programming projects.  We are able to assist member towns in pursuing federal and state transportation grants. For more information on funding opportunities visit the Funding Opportunities page.

Transportation Committee

The transportation planning program undertaken by the Transportation Department is at the direction of the Transportation Committee, with representatives from each town in the Capitol Region.  The Transportation Committee reports to the Policy Board which acts as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Capitol Region.

Transportation Committee Chair: Jonathan Colman (Bloomfield)

Transportation Committee Meetings

Jennifer Carrier

Director of Transportation Planning
(860) 522-2217 ext. 212

Karen Stewartson

Transportation Secretary/Office Assistant
(860) 522-2217 ext. 210

For the contact information of other Transportation Department staff, please check the CRCOG staff directory.