Statutory Functions


The Capitol Region Council of Governments serves a variety of functions in the region. It serves as a platform for shared services such as the Regional Purchasing Council and the Nutmeg Service Cloud. It coordinates disaster mitigation and emergency preparedness planning. It undertakes all manner of transportation, land-use, and economic development planning.

CRCOG carries two specific designations related to these functions, one federal and the other state.

Metropolitan Planning Organization

CRCOG is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPOs) for the region. MPOs are required by federal law and provide a forum for a:

continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process that results in plans and programs that consider all transportation modes and supports metropolitan community development and social goals. (Code of Federal Regulations 450.300)

As the region’s MPO, CRCOG prepares transportation plans, manages federal transportation funding programs, and conducts special studies. More information on these functions can be found in Planning: Transportation.

Regional Planning Organization

The Capitol Region Council of Governments is one of nine state designated Regional Councils of Governments (RCOG). RCOGs, or Regional Planning Organizations, are chartered under Connecticut General Statutes sections 4-124i to 4-124p and 8-31. As a Regional Council of Governments, CRCOG must develop a Regional Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). Municipalities proposing zoning text amendments or zone changes that occur within 500 feet of another municipality must submit such changes to the relevant RCOG for review. CRCOG analyzes these “referrals” for consistency with its POCD.

CRCOG’s regional planning functions are primarily handled by Planning: Community Development.

Additional Statutory Functions

Per Connecticut General Statutes section 17a-760, each Council of Government established a Human Services Coordinating Council. In addition, per CGS Section 9-229b, CRCOG has designated a regional election monitor.

Additional information about both these programs can be found under Municipal Services.