Additional Completed Studies

Route 9 / Route 175 Area Traffic Circulation and Accessibility Study:  Executive Summary
The Traffic Circulation and Accessibility Study was initiated in an effort to identify short and long-term conceptual improvements within the Route 9 (Interchange 29), Route 175 areas of Newington and New Britain to improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation, increase safety and address future traffic growth.  The study was done in coordination with two other efforts: the design of the New Britain/Hartford Busway and the Station Area Planning Project which studied the areas up to ½ mile around the busway stations.

Bradley Area Transportation Study: Executive Summary
As a major economic resource for the Region and the State, Bradley Airport is expected to be the focus of the Region’s future economic growth. The Bradley Area Transportation Study, completed in 2002, identified transportation improvements necessary to accommodate this growth through the Year 2025, and resulted in a strategic plan for maintaining safe and efficient access to Bradley International Airport.

Day Hill Road Interchange Study:  Executive Summary
During the Bradley Area Study, access to the Day Hill Corporate Area in Windsor was identified as problematic.  In an effort to address this problem as well as future traffic demands and growth potential ointhe area, the Interchange Study was initiated.

Route 190 Corridor Study:  Executive Summary | Final Report | Figures 1 | Figures 2 (PDF, 12 MB)
Route 190 is an arterial roadway that traverses a variety of land uses and development through the towns of Enfield and Somers.  The Route 190 Corridor Study was designed to undertake a comprehensive analysis of current and future traffic conditions and land use, and develop a strategic plan for maintaining safe and efficient traffic movement in the corridor.

Freight Study:  Freight Movement in the Hartford Metropolitan Area

Older Projects
For information about older projects, such as Rentschler Field and Routes 4, 10, 44, 175 and 5/15, see  Corridor Studies Summary of Recommendations, or contact us.

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