Kyle Shiel, AICP
Principal Planner

Kyle Shiel

860-724-4706 E-Mail Before joining CRCOG, Kyle was the Senior Planner for Comprehensive Planning & Special Projects for the Town of Manchester. He worked on redevelopment projects, housing, economic development, parks…

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Maureen Goulet
Principal Program Manager

Maureen Goulet headshot

860-724-4211 Maureen Goulet Maureen Goulet worked at CRCOG from 2002-2019 in various roles from Administrative Assistant to Principal Program Manager handling the Capitol Region Purchasing Council. After getting her MPA…

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Erik Snowden
IT/GIS Coordinator

Erik Snowden headshot

860-724-4217 Email Erik Snowden is the IT and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator at CRCOG.  He manages the CRCOG office network and IT as well as its GIS system, Online…

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