Current Offerings – Available to all CT Municipalities

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Online Permitting Software

The CRCOG Regional Online Permitting Program provided in conjunction with ViewPoint and Municity Software, enables homeowners and licensed contractors to apply for and receive building permits, track the status of permit applications, and request inspections through cloud based permitting technology.  On the front end, municipalities can offer a transparent application process and user friendly interface which citizens can access 24/7.  On the back end, the program provides municipalities with an intuitive online tool that will help to organize, streamline, and track their permitting operations. Online Permitting solutions facilitate collaboration between departments by centralizing and automating workflows.

Municipalities can choose between ViewPoint Cloud and Municity 5; both are online cloud based permitting programs.


Cybersecurity Infrastructure Services & Model Policies

Protect your Municipality with Cybersecurity Services by Novus Insight. With pre-negotiated pricing, Novus can assess your Cyber deficiencies, draft and implement a Cyber Plan of Action, maintain and monitor your network, and train your staff.

CRCOG contracted MGT Consulting Group for the creation of Cybersecurity Model Polices. With the assistance of the Pilot Group, MGT drafted cybersecurity policies that are relevant to municipalities of all sizes. Municipalities have the ability to contract with MGT for customization at a pre-negotiated hourly rate but can also access the policies at

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

CRCOG has contracted with CT based Genie Innovations, Inc. and Mitel for Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions. With this program, municipalities, schools and public libraries can shift to VOIP telephony over the Nutmeg Network. VOIP offers advanced communications such as web and video conferencing, hot desking, “find me, follow me” and many more features.  Member towns can choose from either of the vendors who offer different strengths in their offerings.

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Fiber Infrastructure Services

CRCOG has contracted with Sertex to provide network infrastructure services for fiber optic and network cabling services. Sertex helps cities, towns and municipalities build fiber optic networks, from the initial concept to completion. Sertex installs empower cities and towns with a high-speed network that improves communication at every level.  Fiber optic networks help municipalities by connecting online resources and databases of city departments, by upgrading data recovery capability to secure business continuity, and by developing fast, reliable online services that provide improved access for your citizens, and attraction of new business.

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General IT Assistance

CRCOG has contracted with Novus Insight to provide a variety of general IT services. Novus is a subsidiary of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), a non-profit resource with expertise in working with municipalities on technology solutions. Through this service, municipalities have access to a wide spectrum of IT related services including, assessment, application development, and on-site support at a predetermined rate.

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CRCOG Cloud Hosting

CRCOG Hosting Services enable municipalities to have private hosted IT infrastructure that is customized as a solution to their individual needs. CRCOG Hosting Services are provided through our IT Strategic Partner, Novus Insight. Novus can determine which systems are ready for cloud migration or are more appropriately maintained on premise.